The Postcard Show hosted by Atlantic City residents and identical twin brothers Joseph and John Polillo, was a 1/2 hour television program that ran for 4 1/2 years on a South Jersey regional television network. The Postcard Show television program featured straight talk, information and knowledge of Atlantic City History. Brought to the public's attention were many samples of collectable Postcards, Photos, and Movie Clips, Books and their Authors and other guests all about the Worlds Famous Playground.     

  The Atlantic City scenes from 1850's to the present followed the development of Atlantic City's famous Beach, Boardwalk, Piers, Hotels, Trains, Planes Lifeguards, Rolling Chairs, Movie Houses, Urban Living and much more which are all chronicled on the popular Postcards that originated in Atlantic City which were sent by vacationers all over the world and collected by fans of the World's Famous Playground.   

  The Postcard Show went on air in the Atlantic City area in August 1996 through January 2001. The Postcard Television program is no longer on the air. The tapes of those shows, all One Hundred and Four (104) shows have been saved and all will be available here on the The Postcard Show website in our online store. Keep checking our website for future developments where you will be able to view more complete shows as they become available. At this time we thank all those who were viewers and fans and supporters of The Postcard Show over the past years. 4 1/2 years of a great show have come to an end.